Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mica Powder Tutorial by Kathy Kirby

Tools required:

Mica powders (perfect pearls, pearlex, cosmic shimmer, etc)
Soft brushes (1 fine and one broad) and one for brushing away excess
Versamark ink pad (pigment ink pads will work too and offer diferent colour combos – you just need to experiment till you find what works for you)
Stamp selection
Cheap hairspray
Gum Arabic (optional)

First recommendation: put down either a craft mat or paper because you will get powder on your worktable otherwise.

Technique One: Ink up your chosen stamp using the versamark ink. Take your white card (try it with dark card too – VERY striking) and stamp the image. If using clear ink you won’t see clearly where your stamp is unless you spot the wet image – don’t panic. Then, apply a little of your chosen mica powder to one of the brushes (depending on your chosen colour scheme and stamp you may find the narrow or broader one more suitable) and apply with the brush. I usually have the lids off three or four mica powders at one time to allow for variation. It’s not a very precise science just brush away and experiment – trust me, it’s a lot of fun! Once you are happy with the spread of powder take a clean brush and go over your design to remove the excess and reveal your lovely design. Spray with cheap hairspray to set your design and mount/embellish as preferred.

Technique Two: Mix your chosen mica colours with water on a palette (I usually use an old CD) and apply directly to your chosen stamp before stamping as normal (which gives a lovely watercolor effect – Penny Black Brushstroke stamps are PERFECT for this) or ....

Technique Three: colour in a previously stamped image using your mica powders mixed with water, ensuring that the ink used to stamp the image won’t run when in contact with water/gum arabic.

Technique Four and Five: use the same methods as Two and Three but mix gum arabic in with your mica powders instead as this will make your colours more vibrant.

Technique Six: you can use the mica powders in a mini mister with water, a little gum arabic and possibly a few drops of a liquid re-inker (which will make your colour stronger) and use them in conjunction with stencils (such as Tim Holtz) as these will be very similar to Glimmer Mist (but cheaper!!!!

You can also apply mica powders to projects to add a touch of glamour, such as art moulded pieces where you can apply the versamark ink with a brush or your fingers or kitchen roll and then brush the mica over – gives a fab lustre. I’ve applied it to projects where I’ve used melted wax – in this instance you won’t need the versamark ink as the beeswax, once cold but not fully set is still tacky enough to take the mica without the ink. You can use it pretty much anywhere you want to highlight – it’s a fun material to play with – trust me, give it a go . . . . you know you want to!

Mica powders are readily available in most craft shops (even Hobbycraft!) and, if your creative juices have been tempted then check out these links too
To Purchase:
To find out more about using mica powders:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rNR1OjZ26V8 features using mica with a water pen on silk
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAE0BrdPAy8&feature=PlayList&p=8AE6A343ED5EE878&playnext_from=PL&playnext=1&index=2 features mica and scarp booking
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTubS36YrTw&feature=related this features acetate

Thanks Kathy, please click HERE to be taken to Kathys blog.


Kathyk said...

Thank you for "publishing" my article Lauren, hope you didn't have as much trouble uploading the pix.


Lauren Hatwell said...

It was a breeze with the second set of photographs thanks Kathy.

Thanks again for doing such an informative and interesting tutorial for us. Look forward to seeing those mica powders in action soon. I know I'll be digging mine out for a play session VERY SOON.

Lauren x

Karen said...

Brilliant tutorial Kathy, thanks for doing it for us.

Kathyk said...

You're very welcome - I hope it might encourage people to play with these splendid and versatile powders.


Clare Lloyd said...
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Clare Lloyd said...

i have got some of those mica powders hiding in a drawer somewhere......time i dug them out and tried at least 1 of the techniques!! thanks kathyk. X

Clare Lloyd said...
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Clare Lloyd said...
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Clare Lloyd said...

patience is a virtue so they say, clicked a few too much time and ended up with 4 of the same comment! joys of technology. X

Julie said...

A fabulous tutorial Kathy, lots of lovely techniques to try.

Unknown said...

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Thomas Bravo said...

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Laura said...

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