Saturday, July 24, 2010

Review of X-Cut Embossing Punch from Cherry

A review from CHERRY

The X-Cut embossing punch

I have to say I am a little disappointed with this too - purely because the embossing bit is a little hit and miss. See what you think

On Cardstock (DCWV)

On textured paper

On plain paper

The one side of the bow does not emboss well and the small decorations that run across the middle of the bauble also do not emboss well - in my opinion.

I think also because it is supposed to be using the card left rather than the punched out shape it is going to take me longer to use it as this is new to me - but experienced crafters may be more instantly creative than I can muster. Again for the £4-£5 I think it is a little expensive for what you get.

As you can tell I am under-whelmed by both products and give them both an 'ok' rating - I think there are probably better products out there that do these jobs. I prefer the embossing stencil as the outcome is of a better quality.


Kathyk said...
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Kathyk said...

Thanks for this review - I've had trouble with embossing punches myself, now I feel better about - knowing it wasn't just me being a numpty!


Julie said...

I've got a leaf punch and it embosses quite well, depends on the card used.
Thanks for your review.