Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ribbon flowers with Rosie

I love playing around with pretty ribbons. Here's an idea for making some pretty little ribbon flowers.
You will need. Small card circles, a glue gun or similar strong glue, ribbon and patience! You can also add buttons for the centres of the roses or brads if you prefer.
First cut out your circles and place a blob of glue in the centre of the circle.
Then adhere your ribbon. Next gently begin to twist and stick the ribbon on to the card going around in a spiral. Build this up until you have made the desired size of your ribbon rose.

Once you've decided how big you want your flower to be finish off by sticking the final length of ribbon to the back of the card.
You can then decide how you would like to finish the centre, either with a brad or button, or make it layered as I have done here. A larger flower on the bottom and a smaller one on top.
Another simple way to make a ribbon flower is to simply take a length of ribbon and sew a running stitch along the length until when gently pulled the ribbon will gather into a circle. Tie the ends together and use either a brad or button to make the centre of the flower.


Kathyk said...

Cunning, and simple too - thanks Rosie


Karen said...

Oooh very nice Rosie, thanks for this.

Lauren Hatwell said...

Great tutorial Rosie. Got to have a go at that ribbon Rose. Love it. Lx

Julie said...

Fab tutorial Rosie.