Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gift Bag Tutorial by Karen

I saw a gift bag similar to this being made on Create & Craft and thought I'd have a go at making my own. I couldn't remember the instructions, so just went for it. I made this just big enough to hold a box of Maltesers and an envelope with some money inside. For the top I used the xxl Go Kreate dies on my new toy, the Grand Caliber from Spellbinders.

Cut a peice of card to 81/4 x 10 inches and score at 4 & 6 inches across the width of the card and score down each side at 1.2 inches.
Cut along the 4 and 6 inch scores up to the 1.2in mark.Fold along all the score lines.
Fold in the sides, which will overlap just a little bit.
Glue the side together, I used a very narrow double sided tape.
Now for the top.
Cut a peice of card measuring 61/2 x 91/2. and score at 31/2 and 71/2 If you're using grand nesties or Go Kreate xxl dies for this you'll need to adjust the size accordingly.
Fold along your score lines, and check it fits your base..... lol. Now is the time to decorate your bag.
Place some double sided tape on the inside of one half, this will be the back of your bag.
Attach the top to the base on one side.Use a small piece of velcro for the fastening.
Add a piece of ribbon, sorry I forgot the pic, to the top. I cut a small slit about an inch in from either edge, and slipped my ribbon through them and used a small amount of silcone to attach the ends of the ribbon to the inside of the lid.