Monday, August 2, 2010

Embossing Paste & Brass Stencils with Karen

I love this technique and used it for alot of my Christmas cards last year. Hope you enjoy it too.
Here's what you need.
Craft mat
Piece of card
Embossing PasteBrass Stencil
Pallet Knife
Masking TapePlace the stencil on top of your card and tape the stencil to your craft mat on all 4 sides, using the masking tape. I like to tape it to the mat so it can't move around when applying the paste, you can tape it to just the card.Using the pallet knife take some embossing paste, I prefer to use the back of the knife for this.Spread the paste over the stencil.Remove all the excess paste, you see the paste stays in the holes in the stencil.Carefully remove the masking tape from 3 sides of the stencil, make sure you don't move the stencil or you'll smudge the embossing paste!Take hold of the bottom edge of the stencil and carefully lift it towards the taped edge of the stencil, a bit like turning the page of a book. Undo the last piece of tape and clean your stencil straight away in soapy water.Place your embossed card onto a piece of scrap paper, being careful not to catch the embossing paste as you move it around.Now take your glitter and sprinkle it over the embossing paste, giving it a good covering. You can use more than one colour glitter, just add one at a time, making sure to remove the excess before changing colours.Remove the excess glitter to reveal your finished stencilled image. Leave to dry for 24 hours then mount onto your card.
You can colour the embossing paste with acrylic paints, then you don't need to use glitter, I've done this too and it's just as effective, but the glitter is great for your Christmas cards.


Lauren Hatwell said...

Wow! I have GOT to try this technique. Thanks Karen. It looks amazing. Lx

Kathyk said...

FAB - just knew that tutorial would be a winner - great stencil too btw!


Debs M said...

paste embossing always looks great on cards, lovely stencil too! x

Cherry said...

Thanks Karen - have really got to give this a go as your Chrimbo cards were stunning and you make it look so easy! Hugs Cherry XXX

Julie said...

Thanks for the tutorial Karen. I'd love to give this a try.