Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone, hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

Santa was good to me, I got a Silhouette Cameo.  Having previously owned the Silhouette SD, I thought I'd let you know what I thought of the Cameo up to now.   I Love It!..... lol.
I had problems with cutting heavier card on the SD, and so was very limited as to what I could cut.  Eventually I lost my patience with it and sold it, intending to use the money towards the Cameo.  But life being life, the money went elsewhere.  I could never get good clean cuts with the SD, it just seemed to find it hard to cut the card.  The heaviest I could use was 160 gsm, and then had to poke cut bits out!

Anyway, I've cut a few different weight cards on the Cameo and had no problems at all, and virtually no cut bits to poke out with the pokey tool.  I also cut some Centura Pearl card, which must be almost 300 gsm, and it cut like a dream.  

This is my first card base, cut on the Cameo.  You can see how clean the cuts are.

For anyone wondering whether to buy this machine, I'd say 'Go For It', you'll love it.  And I can't wait to start playing around with the software and create my own designs.