Monday, October 11, 2010

Notelet Gift Set Tutorial by Clare - Miscanthuscrafts

Here is a tutorial for a notelet gift set. I have made a handful of notelets to go into the box but you could fit 10 C6 (6” x 4”) cards and envelopes easily.

Step 1: Take a 12” x 12” sheet of card stock. Carefully draw/score on the following lines, 3 ½” from one edge and 4” from the other then trim off an inch at the top of the cardstock. (See photo)

Step 2: Then measure and score a 2” line across the top and bottom of the card.

Step 3: Cut away the shade areas. (See photo)

Step 4: Now measure/score ¾” inch around the centre panel of the card

Step 5: Use a bone folder and fold in all flaps to create a nice neat finish.

Step 6: Before you glue the flaps together to create your notelet holder, turn over and decorate the front of the box.

Step 7: Turn over to reverse and glue flaps to create your holder. Once the glue is dry punch top corners to create a decorative flap and line inside of holder with co-ordinating paper to add lovely finishing touch.

Step 8: Use magnetic fasteners or stick/sew Velcro to fasten shut the notelet holder

Step 9: Add your co-ordinating notelets and envelopes. For an extra finishing touch add a lovely ribbon and tie into a bow.

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Kathyk said...

A fab tutorial Clare, thanks for sharing it with us.