Sunday, July 29, 2012

Can't get on CB?

I hear that it's proven difficult for some of us to access CB and the Craft Mad and Loving It group on Saturday July 28th and Sunday July 29th

Just wanted to stop by and say "HI" as I miss all the interaction with you guys



Debs M said...

i can't get on now!!!

Karen said...

Nope I still can't get in. I'm getting a page telling me the page doesn't exist!


Craftyrose said...

Me too Karen! Where has it gone eh? xx

clare said...

same for me!! x

Cherry said...

Me too! Hugs Cherry X

Craftyrose said...

But very oddly enough I can get on CB on my mobile phone!

Kathyk said...

And even more oddly ..... I've not had a problem Saturday OR Sunday!!! And I cannot explain THAT one!

CB is quiet as the grave!! Since Rosie and Debs couldn't get on mid morning I think about three people have swung by .... all I could hear was tumble weed!!!


Kathyk said...

I've sent an e-mail to CB this morning

in the vague hope that they will soon (if they aren't already) be working on the issue.

FYI - I can still access the site - it's just me and 8 spambots this morning!


Craftyrose said...

still can't get on! hope you're ok everybody... xx