Monday, September 27, 2010

Review of the Woodware Trimmer with Fancy Blades by Kathy Kirby (Queen of all things PURPLE)

I bought my woodware trimmer set from Carole’s Crafts recently at £34.99. I have since seen them slightly cheaper but with a smaller range of blades so it depends whether you want the whole set!!! The set comes complete with one trimmer (12” cutting edge) and 12 blades. You can also buy the trimmer and just two blades (one obviously straight but not sure about the other) should you like the sound of it but not want all 12 blades.

The 12 blades (each in different coloured covers) are:

• Straight
• Perforating
• Scoring
• Postage Stamp
• Pinking
• Princess
• Victorian
• Rhythm
• Wave
• Deckle
• Twist
• Scallop

So, quite a selection of blades in the set then AND you can obtain replacement blades separately along with the grey cutting strip. There is even a storage container for the blades available, should you want it but I’m still using the plastic housing they came in!

The cutter has a side arm which folds out, to both measure and stabilise your project for cutting. There is a small plastic “release” catch at the bottom end of the cutter which allows the whole cutting edge to lift, in order to allow you to place your project which you then simply drop back in to place with an audible click and you are ready to cut. I did find that I needed to keep pressure on the blade housing to get a good cut though which I wasn’t used to with my Fiskars trimmer but then it only has a straight blade and I did so want some fancy alternatives!!! Changing the blade is a fairly simple process too, simply turn the raised (knob) on the back of the blade housing to centre top and pull the back off, it will bring the blade currently in use with it. Simply remove this blade and replace with your chosen blade before reversing the removal process. At this time there are no cutting areas exposed for you (or your littleys) to come to harm – which is a simply brilliant idea and superior to my Fiskars personal trimmer – which does have a rather small but wicked exposed cutting edge! It’s mildly fiddly to change blades but I suspect this is due more to the fact I’ve never had this option previously rather than to any complication in the procedure which, really, couldn’t be much simpler!

I have yet to try all the blades but I do like the pinking and the postage stamp blades and bookmarks, vouchers, removable tags will be a breeze with the perforating blade and my scoring should be straight as an arrow in future!

I would rate this product 9/10 and yes – with the benefit of hindsight - think I would buy it again!! PS It has nothing to do with the fact that the Victorian blade is purple!!!

Many thanks to Kathy for this useful review of the Woodware Trimmer. I will add that I have one as well and am delighted with it. Don't forget, if you would like to do a review, a tutorial, or an article for us; we'd be delighted to feature it here.


Annie said...

I've had mine a few years now - it's a red one - and a selection, but not all, of the blades. I do use it, but not as much as my guillotine. It is my favourite sliding blade cutter out of several I have tried and owned!
hugs, annie x

clare said...

mine's red too. i like the pink better! a good piece of kit there and i love all those blades. x